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Telling Your Story with the World

By September 23, 2021Guest Blog
Telling Your Story with the World

Telling Your Story with the World

Perhaps you have heard the phrase “tell your story to the world” a thousand times. But, what about “tell your story with the world,” have you encountered it already? Notice that the difference between the two statements is only a word. The preposition “to” refers to motion in a certain location of something, as well as in reaching a thing. “With,” on the other hand, is the preposition utilized when pertaining to being accompaniment.

Thus, using the latter makes more sense because you contribute to the many stories, such as the story of a marine’s real-life battles in Vietnam by RC Le Beau, that have already been told. You have the world accompanying you from the start to the end of your storytelling journey. The mere act of sharing your tale can create a remarkable impact on people, such as self-reflection, social awareness, personal development, increased motivation, and more. If you are still wondering about the essence of sharing your story with the world, then here are the points you might want to note.

Allows you to express

Storytelling is the shot you take to release your thoughts, experiences, and emotions. It is the art that promotes expression so you can develop into someone better and wiser. Many opt to express themselves to unload excess baggage, leave the past behind, acquire healing, raise awareness, and educate others. But, little did they know that by sharing their story with the world, they are also helping others cope up, mend, and learn. Through storytelling, you can find a great avenue to free your feelings and personal account without the fear of being judged because the world is also doing and expressing the same, making you feel that you are not alone.

Creates a safe space

A safe space often refers to a place where an individual feels confident and comfortable without fearing being exposed to harmful or threatening scenarios. Storytelling is not an environment or space but an activity that can make you feel safe and enhance your self-esteem. How? When you sit and write, you will be immersed in your tale and enjoy the liberty that the art of storytelling gives. Knowing that you have found an activity where you can be who you truly are with the world supporting your craft, you begin to feel more encouraged in writing, inspiring, and teaching your readers or audiences.

Builds human connection

One of the most essences of telling your story with the world is human connection. Imagine the mere act of sharing a tale — fictional or not, to people close to your hearts, and your readers can surprisingly build a bond that can get stronger with time. The thought that you have connected with these people makes you more determined to pursue your passion and share more stories with them. Regardless of what kind of experiences and types of themes that you infuse in your work, your readers surely become more drawn and confident to delve into your stories. It’s like building trust that radiates multiple positive reactions.

Encourages you to conquer grander heights

The world is filled with stories that make it more vibrant. But, these tales are not all rainbows and unicorns because they are also blacks and whites. Your personal account may belong to different categories, but for sure, there are many works that center on pain, survival, suffering, healing, and striving. Since you and the rest of the world are sharing your tales together, you will arrive at a state where you feel encouraged to pursue and conquer greater heights. You can sense the urge to take another step and try the things that you once deemed impossible.

Helps you live freely

There are many things and situations that seem to restrain you from enjoying liberty. This doesn’t only apply to material stuff but also to events that can impact your mind, body, and soul. By slowly putting your guard down and join the world in sharing your story, you can start to feel lighter and inspired. All your monsters will be tamed down, and you can start to see the light in every clouded and dark situation. Thus, a stress-free and burden-free life will gradually come into view, as well as the good things that come with it.

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