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Telling Your Story with the World

Telling Your Story with the World

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Telling Your Story with the World

Perhaps you have heard the phrase “tell your story to the world” a thousand times. But, what about “tell your story with the world,” have you encountered it already? Notice that the difference between the two statements is only a word. The preposition “to” refers to motion in a certain location of something, as well as in reaching a thing. “With,” on the other hand, is the preposition utilized when pertaining to being accompaniment.

Thus, using the latter makes more sense because you contribute to the many stories, such as the story of a marine’s real-life battles in Vietnam by RC Le Beau, that have already been told. You have the world accompanying you from the start to the end of your storytelling journey. The mere act of sharing your tale can create a remarkable impact on people, such as self-reflection, social awareness, personal development, increased motivation, and more. If you are still wondering about the essence of sharing your story with the world, then here are the points you might want to note.

Allows you to express

Storytelling is the shot you take to release your thoughts, experiences, and emotions. It is the art that promotes expression so you can develop into someone better and wiser. Many opt to express themselves to unload excess baggage, leave the past behind, acquire healing, raise awareness, and educate others. But, little did they know that by sharing their story with the world, they are also helping others cope up, mend, and learn. Through storytelling, you can find a great avenue to free your feelings and personal account without the fear of being judged because the world is also doing and expressing the same, making you feel that you are not alone.

Creates a safe space

A safe space often refers to a place where an individual feels confident and comfortable without fearing being exposed to harmful or threatening scenarios. Storytelling is not an environment or space but an activity that can make you feel safe and enhance your self-esteem. How? When you sit and write, you will be immersed in your tale and enjoy the liberty that the art of storytelling gives. Knowing that you have found an activity where you can be who you truly are with the world supporting your craft, you begin to feel more encouraged in writing, inspiring, and teaching your readers or audiences.

Builds human connection

One of the most essences of telling your story with the world is human connection. Imagine the mere act of sharing a tale — fictional or not, to people close to your hearts, and your readers can surprisingly build a bond that can get stronger with time. The thought that you have connected with these people makes you more determined to pursue your passion and share more stories with them. Regardless of what kind of experiences and types of themes that you infuse in your work, your readers surely become more drawn and confident to delve into your stories. It’s like building trust that radiates multiple positive reactions.

Encourages you to conquer grander heights

The world is filled with stories that make it more vibrant. But, these tales are not all rainbows and unicorns because they are also blacks and whites. Your personal account may belong to different categories, but for sure, there are many works that center on pain, survival, suffering, healing, and striving. Since you and the rest of the world are sharing your tales together, you will arrive at a state where you feel encouraged to pursue and conquer greater heights. You can sense the urge to take another step and try the things that you once deemed impossible.

Helps you live freely

There are many things and situations that seem to restrain you from enjoying liberty. This doesn’t only apply to material stuff but also to events that can impact your mind, body, and soul. By slowly putting your guard down and join the world in sharing your story, you can start to feel lighter and inspired. All your monsters will be tamed down, and you can start to see the light in every clouded and dark situation. Thus, a stress-free and burden-free life will gradually come into view, as well as the good things that come with it.

Writing from the Heart: A Short Guide

Writing from the Heart: A Short Guide

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Writing about your life story might be an idea that you’ve thought of for years. You’ve been told numerous times that your story is worth sharing with the world. It is probably an ambitious undertaking but it is also an exciting possibility. Like any person, you’re also tempered by waves of doubt. Moreover, autobiography, biographies, and memoirs are written chiefly by famous people. This fact clouds your mind with doubt, questioning this pursuit. Will the people welcome my story? What if someone has a similar story? What makes my story worthy of a book? 

Each one of us has a powerful life story that is worth writing about because it gives us a voice. It creates connections, inspires, and develops greater intimacy with readers, which allows them to learn through your knowledge and wisdom. Writing isn’t all about making money, building a reputation, or getting famous. Instead, it’s about enriching the lives of those who’ll read the work and enriching our own lives as well. While it’s easy to write, writing from the heart filling the paper with the breathings of the heart is very different. The documented histories reveal what has shaped our lives today while also bringing light to how powerful, loving, and beautiful a person can be. 

Writing is an individual experience; just because someone has a similar experience shouldn’t deter you from sharing your story. After all, no one has experienced life just like you. What’s important is that you are worth it. So how does one get started with writing from the heart? 

Make It Personal

Unlike other nonfiction works, an autobiography is a story of a person’s life, personally told by him from the beginning to the present time. Technically, it’s already personal stories in some aspect, but making it personal in terms of bringing it into life by turning it into a piece of literature is another thing. These types of books, furthermore, are always written in the first person, narrating the whole life story while taking accounts of the places, people, and events that made the writer’s life and the lessons learned and experience gained. This is a straightforward way of writing which separates you from the readers; therefore, not developing connection or relatability. Instead, crank up the vulnerability. Share moments of triumph and rejection. The world today is based on big talk and things that are not real just to appear good. When you’re vulnerable and speak with truth, you create immense power, and it’s a power that can be used to change a person, maybe a nation.  

Capture Emotion

When in deep emotional states, words flow out abundantly out of you. Writing when you’re heavy with emotion, the rawer and more genuine the accounts in your story. Hence, deliver the same energy to your readers by using words that give depth to your work. Work out what words you can use to capture the beauty and essence of your life story. Words have the same power as the colors used by an artist to bring their masterpiece alive. 

Take Off the Mask

Writing your life story isn’t about being perfect; it’s about putting yourself out there. It’s about embracing who you are, your voice, your story, your passion, and especially your heart. It’s about putting your triumphs and rejection into it. The sole purpose of writing from the heart is to bear everything in your writing. And wearing a mask defeats the purpose. Hiding your truest self through building walls and masking is comparable to a robot lacking personality. Our flaws, eccentricities, even our quandaries are what make us human and make us interesting. So why hide behind a mask? Reveal yourself and embrace quirks and the ugly truth. You will never write from the heart if you don’t be you. A great example of unfiltered and bared truth is The Donut Hole book about RC LeBeau’s Life and War stories

Unleash Your Unique Power to Inspire

In a world filled with fake news, bragging, fabrication, and fancy talk, readers are looking for real human communication. And the best way to establish that is through writing from the heart. You may not be a famous personality, but you have a huge advantage: you excel in being more human. Bare your truth. That is what is going to attract your audience. Your people. Your followers. Write what you’re passionate about or what really matters to you and pour your soul into writing. Stand out from the rest with your natural, beautiful, passionate, and inspiring voice. 

See writing from the heart go much deeper than you think. They can do wonders and go deep as the depths of the ocean. So, write from the heart and leave a legacy. 

How Your Story Can Influence Readers

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How Your Story Can Influence Readers

If ever you need something that can inspire you to make your reading habits consistent or if you are planning your write your own story, this blog is for you. This blog will encourage you to do more readings and eventually share your personal story. This blog will give some of the advantages of being a reader and advantages of becoming a writer.

Reading books, in general, can give so many great benefits to readers. That is why kids, as early as possible are always encouraged to read books. Here are some of the proven advantages of becoming a reader:

Increases Vocabulary and Knowledge

As people grow, they also need to develop their learnings. Reading can surely help you increase your knowledge in various of aspects the world. However, there is one thing you are guaranteed to get, a wide vocabulary. Reading makes you comprehend words, and these words will stick with you throughout your years.

Gives Timely Wisdom

Wisdom teaches so many things about life. If one has deeply rooted wisdom, they tend to have a beautiful outlook of the world. Plus, another beauty of it is that you are able to share this wisdom with the people around you. Donut Hole by RC LeBeau is a great book that gives valuable wisdom. Memoirs like his can inspire readers and teach them about life.

Challenges the Imagination

Readers are always fond of creativity. When they read, their imagination can get to other places. It is the best advantage, especially for people who want to improve their creativity. If you want to give an impact to your readers on what your favorite authors give you, read a book, and read across genres, you will surely find something that you like to write about.

Provides Relief

No matter how challenging reading a book can be, it somehow provides readers relief from reality. Readers, oftentimes, give readers a kind of entertainment. It is the best tool to have whenever one has to take a break from all the chaos of the world. Reading is the most productive way of entertainment.

Enhances Thinking Skills

When one has the ability to analyze details, it always comes in handy, even when it comes to different factors in life. A great genre to exercise your thinking skills is the mystery genre. The mystery will urge you to exercise your brain by solving mysteries.

Improves Memory and Concentration

Reading will gather all your attention and make you focus on the story. Without fully knowing, your world just falls away. You will be able to immerse yourself in every detail you absorb. Practice reading at least 20-30 minutes every single day, you will notice how much difference it can make on your concentration.

Now that you already know the benefits of reading books, in this part of the article, you will learn some of the advantages of being a writer.

You Can Change Lives

Imagine all the people you can reach when you publish a book. You will never know how many people can relate to your story. Through reading your journey, they will earn so much wisdom and knowledge. It can eventually help them as they go through their own.

It Gives You Peace

Just like journaling, you can attract gain so much peace of mind in writing for books. It is much like reading as well, it gives you peace of mind. It feels like you are in your own little world. It is immense the way you can feel inner peace and tranquility whenever you are reading a book.

You Can Hone Your Skills

When you are writing, you are also gaining and earning so many skills and learning. There will be times when you need to research some things, for verification and confirmation. You want your readers to get all the information right. You don’t want to give false ones. Researching is also one determination of how good of a writer you are.

Essentially, the world of books is amazing. It can help people so much, both authors and readers. Hopefully, this blog has given you inspiration in writing your own book or reading more books. May you have a wonderful writing journey!

The Elements for an Excellent Storytelling

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The Elements for an Excellent Storytelling

Storytelling is everywhere. Without fully knowing it, it is part of the everyday life of everyone just by its definition. Storytelling involves the exchange of tales or even information. Thus, effective storytelling is essential for people to learn to communicate with others. In the world of authors, this aspect should be taken seriously. They should always follow the technicalities that come with it. If you have wanted to learn the components that sum up good storytelling for your future book, this blog is for you.

The essentiality of effective storytelling in books is dire. It allows readers to perceive information as quickly and easily as possible. There have been changes of strategies in this aspect throughout the years, but the impact on its readers still provokes them the same way, only better. As a writer, you need to develop your skills in storytelling by learning you draw from your own experiences into a story. To master this, it might take your time and effort. In addition, you should also know that it will not happen overnight. Mastering the tried and true methods of improving your craft is the only way to help you achieve your goals.

One of the books that define great storytelling is Donut Hole by RC LeBeau. His book is authored to inspire readers through his life experiences that made him the person he is. It is a story of perseverance and courage told by a Marine who survived over a year in a war zone. Diving into this story can also serve as a time frame of the War, so expect to get a glimpse of the exclusive information. Reading this book will help aspiring writers learn some techniques and strategies for effective storytelling. In the meantime, here are some of the elements you must learn before you embark on the journey of writing your book:

Strong Moral Component

The theme of your book must always be the centerline of your story. This factor should be the one that gets your readers to remember your book for the rest of their lives. Hence, it should have a strong impact, such as a moral component that brings them to live a better life. For your readers to get the most out of the message, you need to guide them to that very carefully by building your story around it. No matter what genre you want to write for, a clear and powerful moral component is always crucial.

A Great Spectacle

Nothing beats a book with a great journey or a spectacle that awaits. It is the element that will keep readers engaged and want to read the whole book. To achieve this kind of writing, you need to draw on your memories of hardships that led you to where you are. From all of the journeys and adventures you have faced in life, you can surely craft a great story out of it. Moreover, this spectacle will help readers foresee reality. You will be responsible for the way they perceive reality through your book.

Compelling Patterns and Puzzles

Most readers would want to solve mysteries and puzzles. This is what keeps them preoccupied; it takes them to another world. When this happens to a reader, this measures how great of a storyteller you are. Having the ability to make your readers forget the world they live in and stimulate their imagination through your narrative is amazing. You can never deny the fact that achieving this state can be challenging. Thus, you need to make sure that you gather every technique to make sure that you are ready as you start your writing process.

A Shocking Surprise

Surprises are also the ones that will keep your readers engaged as much as the spectacle you have crafted. Surprise your audience by building up tension and conflict slowly that leads them to predict what happens. Now, if you feel like you have made them predict something, reveal something else. This method is very effective for giving the wow-effect to the readers, which you should always focus on. The thing about readers is that they are wise, so you need to put a lot of thought into it.

How Reading Inspirational Stories Can Positively Affect Your Life

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How Reading Inspirational Stories Can Positively Affect Your Life

The world has so much more to offer than what you’ve seen. There are times when you won’t realize see it. Especially during the hard times in life. This is one of the things about life. It can throw rocks on you. Rocks that can make significant changes in your life. Luckily, there have been a lot of ways on how you can cope up with this reality. Books are a great tool for this. There are a lot of amazing effects books can do to your life. It can give you many benefits. Imagine what a book with the sole purpose of motivating readers can do.

Here are some of the ways reading can help one cope up with the challenges life can bring:

It Develops Amazing Character Traits

A character trait of a person defines him or her. Each one has unique ones. The most important thing is that these traits should always ensure that you possess positive ones and strive to become better people every day. One trait that you should work on is empathy. Having empathy can bring you a long way. Empathy makes people relate to others, making one considerate of other people’s feelings. Reading is a way for one to develop this. This is a great way for one to have ideas that the world does not revolve around them and that others are also going through something. It makes readers put themselves in someone else’s shoes.

It Helps Look Back

Memoirs are the kind that specifically targets this aspect. Memoirs like Author, RC LeBeau’s Donut Hole lead readers to remember the difficult times the nation has been through. This book is a story of a Marine’s real-life battle in Vietnam. Lebeau’s book on 1st Force Logistical Command is a narrative that will inspire readers in so many ways. This is one of the examples of memoirs that can truly change a reader’s life by making them look back to what had happened.

It Relaxes the Mind

Sometimes, the world can be very harsh. It would be best if you got away from reality so all the things won’t drown you. Different people have their own way of coping up with this. Some would travel, and some would do something that makes them happy. People would do everything to keep away from all the chaos, which is good. You don’t have to deal with everything in one go. It would help if you had a break to refresh your mind, and once you come back, you will be more conditioned and motivated. Reading can also be helpful with this. If you notice, whenever you read, you tend to get lost in its narrative. You will feel like you are in a different world. This helps you have the notion that you are taking a break because it makes you forget everything.

It Improves Your Cognitive Skills

Cognitive skills are important for everybody to have the ability to focus, remember details, and think critically. Like any other books from other genres, inspirational books also helps in this aspect. So, if you want a sharper cognitive skill, you should always consider reading an everyday habit. If you must know, it is easier and more fund to improve your vocabulary than picking up dictionaries and memorize them. You will find that you will have much more wisdom and knowledge when you get to read every day. Plus, when you acquire these, you can share them with others. Reading can surely give your brain a good workout.

It Helps You Understand the World Better

Many inspirational books tackle different topics and world issues. Reading them will make you be informed of the things that are happening in the world, Which is very important. You don’t want to miss out on something. And, you will have an opinion on significant issues that society is facing.

To wrap it up, you can always rely on reading books in every aspect of life. From improving your vocabulary to keeping your motivation at its peak, a book can be useful. Hopefully, the points above have helped you get your desire to read up.

Life Learnings You Get From Memoirs

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Life Learnings You Get From Memoirs

The concept of life learnings is meaningful—motivating you to undertake the challenges in life. A thing about life, which all of the people in this world have to go through, is that life is a continuous learning experience. You collect lessons every day that will help you become better at life while helping you develop as a person. There are many ways you can acquire lessons. It can through your own experience or other people’s experiences. Because everyone has different experiences globally, some might experience things in the latter part, and some might have to go through it in advance. Thus, there is a need for you to always listen to others. You never know what a person might impart to you.

One best way you can earn wisdom from others is through reading books about personal life experiences—memoirs. Memoirs are a type of book that tackles the author’s certain life encounters in life that can inspire readers, passing them on the morals and values they acquired while living through. This is why this category is loved by many. Donut Hole: A Marine’s Real-Life Battles in Vietnam by Author, RC Le Beau is one of those books that can give meaningful transformation to one’s life. It is an autobiography that tells the tales of real-life battles. If you want to be inspired, this one is the ideal book to start with.

In this blog, you will know some of the advantages you can get out of reading books of experiences. You will discover what words grouped together and formed into a book can do to you. Here are some of the life learnings you can get from memoirs:

Memoirs Teach How to Live to the Fullest

Memoirs will help you be in tune with yourself. There is something about hearing other people’s stories that makes readers want to live life to the fullest. It just inspires you to savor every moment in life, which is very important. It makes you go out of your comfort zone, helping you not miss every opportunity for you to grow. You will not overlook change because if you do, you will miss opportunities to grow. Thus, you need to soak up all the good vibes and make the most out of life. Memoirs can definitely help you with this.

Memoirs Teach How to Walk Your Own Path

You need to make sure that you are walking your own path in life is something that you should work on. It means finding your own purpose and discover what you really are passionate about. Memoirs can guide you to finding your purpose by giving you ideas of the aspects.

Memoirs Teach How to Appreciate Little Things

Being grateful for the little things in life is essential. It means that you focus your attention on what nurtures and sustains you in life, on everything that brings you even the smallest amount of pleasure. It also means practicing gratitude by noticing these everyday things that you take for granted so quickly. Memoirs would tackle significant circumstances in life that you will make you realize that little things still matter. In fact, it really matters. It keeps you feeling contented.

Memoirs Teach Acceptance

If you are going through some crisis in life, memoirs will help you cope up. Acceptance is necessary for your healing process. To practice acceptance, you must acknowledge all of the uncomfortable parts of yourself: your emotions, your thoughts, and your past. As you grow and practice acceptance towards yourself, you’re able to be more accepting of others. When we make peace with the fact that everything is exactly the way it is supposed to be in the present moment, you can make peace with the variables of life around you, including other people. Compassion gives you the ability to grow in your own regard, while you also aid in other’s personal journey to self-acceptance.

In conclusion, the life lessons you need to learn in life are best when it comes from other people’s wisdom. That is why you need to make that you practice the habit of being open-minded and receptive to listening to others.

Secrets to Writing Inspirational Books

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Secrets to Writing Inspirational Books

The pandemic has given people so much negative impact on the people’s lives. Finding hope and motivation in times of uncertainties can be hard. Worries will overpower your strengths. However, this should not be an excuse for everyone not to give it their best. Sure, the way of living is a little bit out of the ordinary, but you should continue living the best life you could ever live. That is why you should help yourself find something that will help you cope up during these times. In fact, it should be the number one priority for everyone. Not having something that will promote encouragement can be tough.

Having the courage and optimism will help you in a long-term aspect of life. It can help you be the best version of yourself. You will no longer feel like you are too weak or the situation is too much for you. You will feel like you can and will try to do whatever you want in life. Having courage in life does not literally mean that you don’t possess fear in you. It only means that you know how to manage and overcome all the weaknesses right away. People who have braveness can take the most appropriate action in times of hardship, which people need right now and in the coming months or even years.

If you have the privilege to give people the right inspiration during these times, you should do it. One way is to write a book. A book can do so much to the readers. It can touch lives. You will never know how your words can do. Sharing your experiences with readers might save them in so many ways. If You are worried that about the writing process, worry not! This blog will give you the ultimate tips and tricks on how you can write this effectively.

Have Passion

Write a book that is not only going to fill your pocket but is also going to satisfy your mind and heart. In essence, to write an amazing book, you must be an amazing, passionate author. Do not write a book merely because you want to earn some cash. Instead, find a significant reason for producing literature. Write because you want to express yourself or you have some ideas you want to share with the world.

Read Books

Author, RC Le Beau’s Life and War stories are a great example. It will not only help you give you writing techniques but will also inspire you. reading a lot of books allows you to learn many things from other authors, from different styles in writing to best-chosen themes. In essence, reading a lot of books provides you with the opportunity to expand your literary horizon. In addition, it gives you the inspiration that you might need in starting and finishing your own book.

Put Valid Information

You also want to research some technical information and make sure that it is valid. Even though you’ll say that it is your story, you still don’t want your readers to assume faulty information. After all, your memoir is not your autobiography. An autobiography tells your whole life. A memoir should only focus on a certain moment or an era of your life. You also want to have well-organized content in your book. Being concise and organized with your thoughts is the secret sauce to good writing. You may feel like this is just an extra tip, but the writing process will not be complete without this one.

Overall, writing an inspirational book can take up your efforts and time. But know that there is no need for you to feel forced to write. You just write when you can and what you can. Pushing yourself to write just for the sake of completing it will only make a bad outcome.


Writing a Memoir: Ultimate Ways to Tell a Powerful Story

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Writing a Memoir: Ultimate Ways to Tell a Powerful Story 

Writing a memoir can do many things to you. It means that you are going to be a published author at the same time it can also serve as something that you do to release stress. This is because writing down your experiences and feeling in life can really make you feel relaxed and have reduced anxiety. Writing helps you feel like you have shared your feelings with someone. When you read it, you can reflect on it and everything will feel new and fresh again. Writing memoirs will make you feel this way but at the same time will give you a chance to inspire others through your experiences. If you are deciding to write a book and have not decided which genre to write for, a memoir should be a great idea for you. This blog will help you as you journey your way to your writing process. 

Starting your journey in writing a memoir by learning from others is also a great idea. You should check out this powerful memoir by Author, RC LeBeau called Donut Hole. This will not only help you give you writing techniques but will also inspire you in so many ways. 

Writing a memoir can be a tough challenge. You may think it is not because everything will be based on your life or others. However, you cannot simply write it directly. You need to know a couple of points for it to be effective and successful. Telling a compelling story will require you to also know and master a couple of elements. At first, you may think that it feels like the process is too much. But let this be your inspiration to continue, the feeling of seeing your name on a book cover is the most rewarding feeling you could ever get. If you want to know how you can do it, please see the following points below:

Draw on personal experiences but include not just your story.

As mentioned, your memoir will serve as a personal diary but written in a compelling way for other people to read. That is why you are allowed to draw on some of your inspiring personal experiences that you feel will help your readers in a way or two. You also have to remember that you also have to consider your readers. You may think that your story is inspiring enough, but it is not guaranteed that readers will be entertained and engaged while reading it, which serves as one of the readers’ major goals. This aspect should also become your goal. One way to make this possible is to include other people’s narratives. It can be loved ones or even those people you have come across. Just make sure that it will add more significance to your story. 

Emphasize your message throughout the book.

If you already have an idea of what your book is about, you should also have come up with a theme. Your theme or message should be evident throughout the book. Think of your message as an opportunity for you to share something that you feel so strongly about. Thus, you want to maximize the chance to share it with your readers. You will never know whose life you are going to change because of your book. Thus, it is a great idea if you incorporate some essential life lessons that may allow your readers to reflect on. 

Make sure to put valid and truthful information.

First, you want your readers to also get wisdom and knowledge that are based on real happenings. You do not want you, readers, to expect too much. You want to give them the right amount of it. Thus, making sure that you are putting the truthful context will be necessary. You also want to research some technical information and make sure that it is valid. Even though you’ll say that it is your story, you still don’t want your readers to assume faulty information. After all, your memoir is not your autobiography. An autobiography tells your whole life. A memoir should only focus on a certain moment or an era of your life.

Overall, the writing process of a memoir is much different than regular fiction writing. With this type, you will be using your emotions and feeling more. It will require you to let out everything that you are holding in that may be helpful to support your context. Hopefully, these points will help you as you go through the journey of writing. 

Tips in writing a captivating Authobiography

Tips in Writing a Captivating Autobiography

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Tips in Writing a Captivating Autobiography

An autobiography is a subgenre of nonfiction. However, it can also become fiction when mixed with a dash of imagination. What makes this type of book famous is its ability to tell a person’s raw life story. Some of the best autobiographies are I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou, The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank, Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela, Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt, When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi, Donut Hole by Robert LeBeau, and Dreams from My Father by Barack Obama.

There are just so many genuine emotions in autobiographies that leave readers in awe. Apart from that, this genre’s stories also teach valuable lessons that can be applied in real situations. Hence, they are like teachers but in the form of words.

Suppose you are planning to write an autobiography about your own or another individual’s life; you must make it captivating to create a mark on your readers’ lives. That said, listed below are the best tips in writing an impactful autobiography that you should know.

Create a timeline of the person’s life

Begin the autobiography by conducting a study on the life of the person that you want to feature. This particular individual could be a famous figure, or it could be you. Moreover, make sure that you have built a strong framework before you embark on the actual writing process. So, start creating a timeline. It is the best method to ensure that you successfully included the significant people, dates, and happenings instead of writing about the unnecessary details. Don’t hold back on writing the memories that come to your mind, even if they don’t manage to be on the actual book. Consider this stage as the brainstorming and outlining process. It would be best if you weren’t so particular about the memories; what’s more important is you can recall them.

Extract the best moments

Your life story might become lengthy. Hence, you will be required to create decisions about what part to include and what not. Start creating a draft of your manuscript by extracting the best moments on the timeline you created earlier. These extracted tales will be put together to build the best image of your life. There are a handful of key subjects covered by most autobiographies because their patrons find them interesting. Some of the best parts are childhood, teenage years, love story, facing struggles, overcoming challenges, attaining success, etc. It all depends on you on what moments to include, but make sure to fit them together seamlessly for the readers’ sake.

Determine whether to mix it with fiction elements or not

It is common knowledge that life stories are automatically categorized as nonfiction. It is because they happened in real life. However, there are instances that they become fiction because of how the author mixed an ounce of imagination in it. For example, the author tries to fictionalize the setting, add another character, and more. Works of this sort are known as autobiographical novels, known to make use of autofiction techniques. Hence, it made the authentic story to be part fiction. You have the option to add some fictive elements to your novel. Think it through, and consider what could be the best choice that will surely hit the spot of your target readers.

Begin the writing process

Jump-start the writing when you already have created the framework, identified the best moments, and determined to mix fictive elements. This is the lengthiest process. It may take you months or years. The key to finish your manuscript is never to take breaks whenever you feel the need to get some. In this stage, you must be more creative in writing — because every reader has different preferences. You should know the perfect point of view to use that will increase the engagement of the readers. There are also other elements that you can utilize to enhance the beauty of your tale, such as literary devices. Also, your autobiography doesn’t necessarily have to start during your birth. You can modify the plot by starting in the middle or present—all you have to make sure that the plot is complete and gapless.