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August 2021

Writing from the Heart: A Short Guide

Writing from the Heart: A Short Guide

By | Guest Blog | 2 Comments

Writing about your life story might be an idea that you’ve thought of for years. You’ve been told numerous times that your story is worth sharing with the world. It is probably an ambitious undertaking but it is also an exciting possibility. Like any person, you’re also tempered by waves of doubt. Moreover, autobiography, biographies, and memoirs are written chiefly by famous people. This fact clouds your mind with doubt, questioning this pursuit. Will the people welcome my story? What if someone has a similar story? What makes my story worthy of a book? 

Each one of us has a powerful life story that is worth writing about because it gives us a voice. It creates connections, inspires, and develops greater intimacy with readers, which allows them to learn through your knowledge and wisdom. Writing isn’t all about making money, building a reputation, or getting famous. Instead, it’s about enriching the lives of those who’ll read the work and enriching our own lives as well. While it’s easy to write, writing from the heart filling the paper with the breathings of the heart is very different. The documented histories reveal what has shaped our lives today while also bringing light to how powerful, loving, and beautiful a person can be. 

Writing is an individual experience; just because someone has a similar experience shouldn’t deter you from sharing your story. After all, no one has experienced life just like you. What’s important is that you are worth it. So how does one get started with writing from the heart? 

Make It Personal

Unlike other nonfiction works, an autobiography is a story of a person’s life, personally told by him from the beginning to the present time. Technically, it’s already personal stories in some aspect, but making it personal in terms of bringing it into life by turning it into a piece of literature is another thing. These types of books, furthermore, are always written in the first person, narrating the whole life story while taking accounts of the places, people, and events that made the writer’s life and the lessons learned and experience gained. This is a straightforward way of writing which separates you from the readers; therefore, not developing connection or relatability. Instead, crank up the vulnerability. Share moments of triumph and rejection. The world today is based on big talk and things that are not real just to appear good. When you’re vulnerable and speak with truth, you create immense power, and it’s a power that can be used to change a person, maybe a nation.  

Capture Emotion

When in deep emotional states, words flow out abundantly out of you. Writing when you’re heavy with emotion, the rawer and more genuine the accounts in your story. Hence, deliver the same energy to your readers by using words that give depth to your work. Work out what words you can use to capture the beauty and essence of your life story. Words have the same power as the colors used by an artist to bring their masterpiece alive. 

Take Off the Mask

Writing your life story isn’t about being perfect; it’s about putting yourself out there. It’s about embracing who you are, your voice, your story, your passion, and especially your heart. It’s about putting your triumphs and rejection into it. The sole purpose of writing from the heart is to bear everything in your writing. And wearing a mask defeats the purpose. Hiding your truest self through building walls and masking is comparable to a robot lacking personality. Our flaws, eccentricities, even our quandaries are what make us human and make us interesting. So why hide behind a mask? Reveal yourself and embrace quirks and the ugly truth. You will never write from the heart if you don’t be you. A great example of unfiltered and bared truth is The Donut Hole book about RC LeBeau’s Life and War stories

Unleash Your Unique Power to Inspire

In a world filled with fake news, bragging, fabrication, and fancy talk, readers are looking for real human communication. And the best way to establish that is through writing from the heart. You may not be a famous personality, but you have a huge advantage: you excel in being more human. Bare your truth. That is what is going to attract your audience. Your people. Your followers. Write what you’re passionate about or what really matters to you and pour your soul into writing. Stand out from the rest with your natural, beautiful, passionate, and inspiring voice. 

See writing from the heart go much deeper than you think. They can do wonders and go deep as the depths of the ocean. So, write from the heart and leave a legacy.